Thursday, November 1, 2012

Butterfly (fairy) and a gypsy...

We survived Halloween.  Candy, goblins and pumpkins.  I'm exhausted. 

My girls had a great Halloween.

I went to a 9:00 a.m. parade at Autumn's school.  Petal went with me...I had to entertain a 4 year old for 20 minutes while we waited for it to start.  Thank goodness for the invention of the iPhone.  The singularly greatest invention to entertain children.  So my cute little butterfly fairy waited...not a butterfly though. A butterfly fairy!  DO NOT forget the fairy part...the drop of that word from a sentence has led to more drama than a preteen slumber party.

As we waited ther in the gymnasium that smelled of school lunches and elmer's glue I was notified by Petal that she needed to bring treats to her parade...which started at 10:00.  This was the first I had heard of treats.  I frantically checked my watch and quickly recalculated. 

If Autumn's parade was over by 9:45 I could still get to a store and back to Petal's daycare in time for her parade. 

Luckily, the parade started right on time.  Kindergarteners came out first.  My little Petal will be one of these kids next year.  I can't believe it. 

Anyway, Autumn's class was near the end (of course!) but at least we saw my cute gypsy girl coming.  I snapped a few photos, and a one second video (that I discovered after a little too late). And then blowing kisses to Autumn, I grabbed Petal and off we flew to the grocery store. 

Grabbing a bag of candy (uncaring of the what I was going to be giving to small children) and running back to the car we made it to Petal's parade with 5 minutes to spare.  Whew!  She was, of course, adorable in her parade. 

Have you ever had a great friend?  One who you told your most intimate details to?  One who suffered along with you through Junior High and High School?  And then lost touch with?  I had one of those....and ran into her at Petal's parade.  Awkward after all those years of friendship to realize we had nothing to say to each other.   After kissing Petal goodbye, I left the daycare feeling bittersweet.  It was nice to see her again and to see her cute daughter in the parade, but how sad is it to have such a reminder of a close friendship that was lost?  And for no reason that I can pinpoint other than simply "life got too busy." 

Too busy for a friend?  Did I really let it come to that?  Did she?  I guess the answer to that was Yes.  Yes, we did.  What a horrible, gut wrenching truth to realize as I drove home to start stew for tonight's Halloween festivities. 

The girls had a great time trick or treating...but for me the rest of the holiday was tinged with a bit of sadness.  However, nothing will keep me from smiling and laughing for the benefit of my girls but...

My wish flower today?  I wish that I will never, ever let life get in the way of a good friendship.

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