Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clucking like a chicken...

Autumn had her expander taken out today.  We are six months into the two year process of getting her teeth straightened.   We have slowly been expanding her mouth.  For 30 days I took this teeny tiny apparatus and turned a crank inside her mouth each morning.   Then the orthodontist glued the expander in place and we've been waiting until the next stage begins. 

So this morning at 8:15, after a frantic "flight of the bumblebee" type morning, we got the expander out.  Autumn is so pleased.  We got the usual lecture: rinse 4x a day, brush your teeth, floss, blah blah....I had stopped listening.   Don't judge me...I paid thousands of dollars to not listen to the rules. 

On the drive to school I could hear a clucking noise from the seat next to me.  Autumn was making clucking noises on the roof of her mouth.  She looked over at me and smiled..."I have not been able to do that forever!"  She then proceeded to say all the words that she had been having trouble enunciating...cinnamon, chicken, thistle....the list goes on. 

She does still have the blue spacers in her teeth and then we get the partial braces next week on top and bottom.  After that in a year or so she gets a retainer. 

Like I said....it's a long process.  But honestly, she will love her teeth when it's done.  And I have to believe that she will thank me one day for depriving her of popcorn, caramel and gum for the next few years.

Speaking of being deprived...since discovering I am lactose intolerant I have missed cream cheese. I mean, really missed cream cheese.  I want it on toast, bagels, a spoon going straight to my mouth. It's borderline obsessive. Today at the grocery store I found this:

When I opened it, it looked like this:

I admit, I was nervous to try it.  But....it was really good!   I had the Chive & Garlic spread on a wheat bagel for breakfast.  I might even have it again tomorrow and the next day.  I've missed you creamy spreads on bagels.  Come to Mama!  Thank you www.galaxyfoods.com

My wish flower today:  That Autumn will be still be able to "cluck" when she gets her  braces in...and that no one here at work steals my cream cheese. (I think I'm pretty safe on that one.)

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