Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It was Braces Day for Autumn.  We've been building up to this day since June....we've expanded, we've spaced...and now we are braced. 

Unfortunately, I don't think Autumn was quite as braced as I would have hoped for her reflection in the mirror.  The braces are really....ummm...what's a good word?  Prominent?  Noticeable?  Regardless....they are not the cute braces all in a straight line that she was expecting.  Due to the fact that her teeth are SO crooked...so are the braces.  There is a jagged line of wire crisscrossing her teeth.

I tried to comfort her with the "this won't last forever" and "your teeth will be beautiful when this is done" speeches.  I even tried the whole "everyone is getting braces right now". 


Not buying it.  She hates the braces.  And I felt bad. 

I know she needs the braces.  I know her teeth are awful and that one day she will grow up and resent her crooked teeth if we don't do it. I know I'm doing the right thing.  But it's hard watching her cry.  And being embarrassed.  And having a sore mouth.

But I have to believe it will get better.  And frankly, I'm proud of myself for getting braces on her.  I never had braces.  I needed them.  Money for braces was just not something we had growing up...and due to dental coverage on adult orthodontics (virtually nil) I don't have the money for them for myself now.  But I can get them for her and I did. 

She will look great. 

She will be happy. 

This too shall pass....

I think she looks adorable...despite what she thinks.  :)

And on the plus side...I told her that if her mouth is too sore for most foods for the next few days, we will have plenty of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving to eat.  She was not amused. 

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