Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tiger Stripes aka Stretch Marks

I saw this on Pinterest today.  I love it.

Why are we so ashamed of our stretch marks?  We grew a HUMAN inside our own bodies!  Of course that's going to leave a mark...but it should be one of pride.  We should be able to pull up our shirts, point to the marks on our abdomen and say "Hell yes I have stretch marks!  And I earned every single one of them!". 

Instead we cover them up like they are track marks on a heroin addict.

No more ladies!  Be proud.  We created, nurtured and incubated a little life for 9 long months.  And then we spent 23 hours (personal experience there) pushing said life out of our bodies in a sweaty, painful, gut wrenching process.  Those are battle scars!  And I'm going to be damn proud of them! 

Disclaimer: That is NOT my body but I'm envious of this woman.

My Wish Flower:  My wish is that I will never be ashamed of the marks left on my body for the blessing of my two little girls and what they bring to my life.

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