Monday, November 5, 2012

Party Pandemonium

I am in full planning mode for Petal's 5th birthday party.  It's a princess theme. I don't know how the eternal cynic such as myself has a child who believes in the power of "Happy Ever After" and "True Love Conquers All".  I have never had the heart to correct her belief system...I figure life will do that for her in due time.  And if it doesn't...good for her. 

I always feel like my holidays are a 4-part system of chaos.  I mentally click off each event as we get through it. 

First: Halloween.  $100's of dollars spent on costumes, candy and decor.  Glad it's done.

Second: Petal's birthday.  My girls do not get a party each year.  More like every 3rd year.  Sorry girls, but it's just not in the budget each year.

Third: Thanksgiving.  Whether it's the awkwardness of my in-laws or the cramped quarters of my's a holiday I dread.  The food is great.  And don't get me wrong, I do love to eat (as my excessive rear end can attest to).  But the drama!  OMG the drama!  I find it all exhausting.  I'm starting to realize that's when men sleep after Thanksgiving's just to avoid the soap opera that follows.

Fourth: Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I do.  But by the time I have spent every cent I have on presents.  Wrapped presents.  Ran from store to store looking for the best deal.  And then all the fun festivities and parties in between...I totally need from Christmas Day to New Years trying to rest. 

So my stats are 1 down: 3 to go. 

The party is this Saturday.  I have all presents bought.  Nothing wrapped.  And still have to come up with games for a group of 5 year old girls to play in 5 days. 

Plus my stomach is in knots worried that no one will show.  Worse than the drama of getting it all ready is the fear that we will be sitting there waiting for the party to start and no one knocks on our door with brightly wrapped presents.  Please, please, please let at least a few little girls show up.

So in a few more days I will be 50/50 for the holidays.  Then it's turkey and presents and I'm done.  I firmly believe that New Years Eve was strategically placed after Christmas to give parents a good reason to drink.

My Wish Flower today?  I wish, wish, wish that Petal will have a wonderful birthday...and that some of her friends will show...and that my house won't be destroyed in the process.  Here's wishing...

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