Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five year olds are CRAZY!!!

The party is over. Weeks of planning and it was done in two hours....kinda like Christmas, huh?

The house was awash in pink. Pink tablecloths, pink plates, pink cups, pink frosting. Perhaps we should have done a Pinkalicious Party instead. One of Petal's favorite books, by the way.  A little girl eats too many pink cupcakes and wakes up pink? That never happens to me.  I just wake up with my pants feeling too tight.   *sigh*

Anyhow, we did pink.

Thank you Dollar Tree

As we waited for the girls to arrive we colored princess crowns.  I had found some cute princess crayons from The Dollar Tree with princesses on them.  Omg!! Perfect for this pinktastic princess party. Also, from I found this printable for the crown.

Notice my cute crayons? :)

Petal's finished design in the corner. Love it!

The girls colored and giggled...and bickered over sharing crayons. They are five after all...I guess I can't expect miracles. Steven arrived with the pizza and we all happily munched away on gooey pizza. Except me...damn you lactose intolerance! I did enjoy eating Petal's leftover pizza crust though. Yum!

Afterwards it was game time. I wish I had gotten a photo of the castle Steven had made for the bean bag toss. He did a great job! Only one girl got a bean bag through a castle window. The rest, including me, just threw like girls.   However, I did get a photo of my cute beanbags. I was pretty proud...made them myself. :)

I wish I could have picked more matching colors for the material, but Petal picked the green leaves. Pretty cute, but not quite I had pictured. Oh well. It worked. And the plus side is I filled them with rice so now that the weather is turning pretty nippy they can double as hand warmers. Fifteen seconds in the microwave and Ta Da! Warm hands.

After games we opened gifts. I did not get one good photo of Petal opening a present. There were six little five year old heads constantly crowded around Petal, each wanting their present to be opened first and each determined to be the first to see what the other person brought.  It took both hands to just keep Petal from being trampled.

Cupcakes and ice cream for the finale. Petal does not like chocolate so I was surprised that she asked chocolate cupcakes, but I love chocolate so I was not going to argue.

The cupcake toppers I got from The cupcakes were chocolate fudge with buttercream frosting. The girls devored them.  One girl just licked the frosting off the cupcake and left a sad, wet cupcake behind.
At long last the party was over. My house looked like a pink hurricane had drenched us. Cupcake crumbs covered my dining room floor and my tile was sticky with spilled lemonade. But it was over. Petal loved it. I loved that it was over.

 As parting gifts we gave these cute purses from I had filled them with stickers, candy, and rings.   Oh, and I got the cute cupcake wrappers in the picture above from that website as well.  They have some very cute printables.


I will consider this party a success.  All the little girls seemed thrilled with the games and the parting gifts.  The cupcake were great and the pizza perfectly gooey, dripping in lactose (I'm still slightly bitter).  Petal had so much fun.   And I was proud of myself for doing so many thing so cheaply.  I downloaded what I could from websites and I got as creative as possible from items at the dollar store.  Petal didn't seem to notice that this party was on a budget.  She had so much fun which made all the worry totally worth it.
Not so worth it that I will do it again for a very long time though!
My wish flower:  I wish that my girls grow out of the party stage very, very soon!

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