Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day in the life...

Life is an adventure....

I try to remind myself of that each morning as I'm arguing with two girls about getting ready for school, banging on the bathroom door to get my husband going, packing lunches and tripping over the cat.  It is an adventure I suppose...but it's not one I look forward to each morning. 

I'll be honest, mornings and me have always had a hate/hate relationship.  I want nothing more than to crawl under the warm covers, snuggle with my husband and sleep until noon.  Thats what I want...what I get is the alarm going off at the crack of dawn, kids to feed and fight with, and a husband that possibly hates mornings more than I do.

I'm a harried mother of two with a husband that I sometimes feel is my third child.  I work full-time.  I try and stay up on the housework (often times unsuccessfully).  I try and remember to feed and water the cat (90% effectively).  I remember guitar lessons, parent/teacher conferences, and library books.  I often forget to buy milk or bread.  My family always has clean clothes...but it's usually folded in a laundry basket somewhere and hasn't quite made it to their rooms.  I need to lose weight.  I make great dinners. All in all, I'm probably simply normal.  I'm okay with that.

I read blogs of beautiful moms with beautiful children that look fabulous 24/7.  Yeah..that's not me.  And while I do believe my children are beautiful (and if you ever dare suggest otherwise I will go mama bear on you with NO problem), I have to admit they don't always have their hair perfect, shoes that match their outfit, and (once in awhile) one of us will have peanut butter on our face.   It's okay...really, I remind myself daily.

Tonight I was informed by my husband, who is slightly unhinged regarding sports, that we will be trudging up to the local university for the basketball exhibition game tonight.  I dread, dread, dread.  It's cold.  It's boring.  And when I get home from work all I want is to put on my grungy pajama bottoms and take my bra off.  Instead of be slipping on jeans and sneakers to face the crowds and the cold to watch basketball. 

But I'll go.  Will I complain? Hell yes.  That's the only bright side to the whole endeavor.  I'll complain.  My husband will ignore my complaints.  My girls will giggle in the backseat because we are just SO funny.   Oh least I'll get some yummy kettle corn out of the whole thing. 

I love the quote, "Life is a marathon."  I like it...I don't know who said it, but I like it.  I just hope it wasn't Lance Armstrong.  Yikes. 

But it's's a grueling battle of highs and lows.  Of finding who you are and letting go of who you are not.  Of trying to teach your children to do the same.  It's not easy.  I can do it. 

That's my wish flower for today.  I can do it....please, please let those words be true.

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